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How to avoid skin problems after exercise.

Your skin is your biggest organ and it's also one of the most sensitive. Public places like the gym and the wrong workout gear could spell disaster for your skin if you don't take the necessary precautionsWorking out regularly could give rise to a few skin issues. Here’s how to prevent them [...]

Rihanna’s Next Puma Shoe Release Is a Furry Shower Slide

Puma just announced the release of its next shoe designed by Rihanna. This one looks like a shower shoe had a baby with a Gucci's fur-lined mules. Just what you need for summer!Furry shoes have been everywhere lately, but fuzzy shower slides are a new frontier. The $80 "Fur Slides by FENTY" a [...]

Wearing flip flops in a public shower

 Is it really true that you can pick up diseases simply from having the bottoms of your bare feet come in contact with germs?Or is the flip-flop admonition one you can safely ignore?We knew exactly whom to call for answers—“Dr. Germ,” aka Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of environmental m [...]

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